Research Team Opportunities


Working with a faculty member gave me hands-on experience with mixed-methods research that helped me apply the theory I’d learned in my core research classes and develop my confidence as a novice researcher. I was invited into several phases of the project, including the developing of a coding scheme, the preliminary analysis of a mixed-methods survey, and the coding of interviews. Two years after starting with this project, I still find myself thinking about the data and coming up with new questions for my own research.  ~CLAIR student

Join a research team!  By participating in faculty projects, you will gain experience in research from design to data collection and analysis to presentation of findings at conferences and in published articles.  Current research team opportunities are described below.  Contact the professor for more information.

When Teachers Facilitate Groupwork in Predominantly White Elementary Classrooms, Dr Jane Bolgatz (

PAR (Participatory Action Research) Team: By and For the Participants, Dr. Margo Jackson (

Understanding the Frequency and Nature of Student-Generated Questions, Dr. Molly Ness (

Questions about Digital Literacy, Dr. Kristen Turner (

Faculty and student research is focused on issues surrounding contemporary educational settings.