Academic Writing Guide

Fran’s summer Academic Writing bootcamp attendees have put together a comprehensive guide that may help you with your writing.

Please check it out if you are looking for some quick tips!

Summer 2017 Academic Writing Handbook


Writing Workshop – June 7

Fordham is offering a writing workshop to help increase skills and productivity.

Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar

When: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, June 7 (Wednesday), 2017

Where: Campbell Multi-Purpose Room, Campbell Hall: Fordham University – Rose Hill

RSVP here.

For more info, see Writing Workshop Flyer.



IES Releases Education Technology Compendium

A new compendium is now available and provides information about current and completed education technology projects funded by IES’s two research centers—the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research. The compendium is designed to provide information on completed and current projects in an easily accessible and usable format.

With IES funding, researchers have developed or studied technologies for classroom, school, and education research purposes, including more than 270 web-based tools, 85 virtual environments and interactive simulations, 95 intelligent tutor and artificial intelligence software systems, 50 game-based tools, and 105 computer-based assessments.

For additional information, please view A Compendium of Education Technology Research Funded by NCER and NCSER: 2002-2014

APA Resources

As we progress through the CLAIR program, it is expected we become experts on APA 6 formatting.  Practice makes perfect and knowledge is power! In addition to the APA Formatting Workshops provided by Fordham (dates TBA), here are some resources to help everyone expand their knowledge and adhere to APA 6 formatting in their writing:


Mastering APA Style Workbook: This is a hands-on guide to fully learning the APA style.  It contains a full training guide with quizzes and tests to help you master APA format.

Online Resources (Tutorials and Trainings):

APA Style Course: This is an online course that you have to pay for, but will provide you with 4 CE credits.  There are free resources as well on this website.

APA Tutorial, University of Southern Mississippi: This free tutorial and quiz site has a handy pre and posttest to help you monitor progress.

Ashford University Tutorial and Practice Quiz: This site contains detailed references and a practice quiz.

APA Tutorial and APA Quiz: These two sites go hand in hand and are free.


For future use: these resources can be found under the Resources tab on the main page.

Join AERA!

Join AERA at Reduced Rate! 2017 AERA Doctoral Student Cohort Program Membership through December 31, 2017

  • Receive reduced member dues of $25 (compared to $55) from whenever you join in 2016 through December 31, 2017.
  • Select free membership in an AERA Division and additional Division memberships for just $5 each.
  • Join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and note that the $7 SIG administration fee is waived for these first time AERA member doctoral students.
  • Receive complimentary subscriptions to Educational Researcher and one additional AERA journal of choice.
  • Subscribe to additional AERA journals at the special student rate of $10.
  • Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities through SIGs, Divisions, and the AERA Graduate Student community.
  • Receive the AERA Graduate Student Newsletter, Connections, published three times a year.
  • Attend AERA Annual Meeting with discounted AERA member graduate student rate.

Sign up here.

Sign-up Instructions and Information

You will need to create an account.

The Doctorate Program Code is 2017cohort.

Be sure to answer the question “Name of School that you attend:” and select the full name of your school, Fordham University, or you will receive a message indicating that your school is not participating in the Doctorate Student Cohort Program.)

Please use a credit card to pay your portion of the dues. Your total cost for membership is $25.

The deadline to sign up for a first-time AERA member is February 15, 2017.

Dissertation Forms

The following forms need to be turned into your Division Secretary when you are ready to submit for format review:
  • Oral Defense Evaluation form (completed and signed)
  • Submission for Format Review form (completed and signed)
  • Honesty Statement (completed and signed)

Some forms have been updated – PLEASE use only the CURRENT forms

All forms can be found here as well as obtained from your division secretary.

AERA 2017-18 Minority Dissertation Fellowship

If you are in the dissertation stage of your program, the American Educational Research Association is conducting the Minority Dissertation Fellowship in Education Research competition for graduate students.  Students will receive mentoring and funding while composing their dissertation.
Register for Live Informational Webinar: Thursday, September 22, 2016 (3:00pm – 4:00pm EST)

All program details available here. The application deadline is November 1, 2016.

Contact: or 202-238-3200 if you have any questions or concerns.