Event this Tuesday of interest to CLAIRites



Welcome Back!

Greetings, The CLAIR faculty welcome you all back to school! As new CLAIR co-Directors, Molly and I extend an invitation to check in and let us know how you are faring and what we can do to make your time in the program more beneficial to your professional development.  Please do note that Molly is on sabbatical this Fall so contacting me may be best for Fall.

We have many reasons to be happy this Fall as we embark on our 5th academic year, advance toward our first graduation of CLAIR PhDs this May, and bask in the Graduate School of Education’s recognition of CLAIR students as creative and academically strong. Your core CLAIR faculty already know that you are caring, dedicated professionals determined to make positive contributions to research and practice in the study of learning and instruction. These faculty include Drs. John Craven, Jane Bolgatz, and Molly Ness of the Curriculum and Instruction Division, and Drs. Karen Brobst, Akane Zusho, and Fran Blumberg of the Psychological and Educational Services Division.

Please watch this space as we will use the blog as one of the major vehicles for communication about the program and the exciting new developments.  One of those developments will include stronger linkages between GSE and other academic units  with regard to course offerings.

So, get those back to school outfits assembled and continue to be the wonderful people we know you to be!

Much happiness, Fran

Instructor for bilingual education course to be taught Fall 2017

The Department of Middle and High School Education at Lehman College is looking for someone to teach ESC 759-Foundations of Bilingual Education in the fall.  The course covers the historical, legal, and judicial foundations of bilingual/ multilingual education, the philosophy and structure of various bilingual programs, as well as assessment for general education students and students with disabilities.

If you are interested, please follow up with Dr. Constance (Joye) Smith. Her contact information is:
Phone: (718) 960-7242
Email: joye.smith@lehman.cuny.edu

Good tidings and wishes

Please wish Scott Swisher much success as he advances to the final round of consideration for the very competitive Pat Tillman Scholarship.  Please also wish Mahitot Arnold a swift recovery from a brief illness.

CLAIR also wishes Kristen Turner much success in the next phase of her academic career.  She has been a tireless advocate for CLAIR as Program Director, a source of great insight, and a much respected member of the CLAIR family.


7th Annual Youth Development Research Conference, Ithaca, NY May 31-June 1

Fran was invited to speak at an upcoming conference in Ithaca and just learned that there will be a table at the conference to recruit for studies that might be relevant to the youth development practitioners attending the conference. These practitioners largely work with youth (grades K through 12) in 4-H programs throughout New York State. If you are recruiting participants for any studies that might benefit from collaborating with youth development programs, I request that you send me a 3 sentence blurb that includes your target population, a general study description, how long it takes to participate, any incentives, and the name and email of a contact person. Please send at your earliest convenience and I will forward to the conference organizer.