CLAIR is not just another education research program. We emphasize the following:

Interdisciplinary Problem Solving

CLAIR students jump into real-world research as part of a yearlong Interdisciplinary Research sequence. Under the mentorship of two faculty members with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, students collaborate as a cohort to collect data and analyze it for real purposes. Each year the research topic is guided by faculty team-teaching the research sequence.


CLAIR coursework is designed for collaboration. Faculty create course assignments that encourage students to work within and between cohorts, where students combine diverse areas of experience and expertise and apply a growing interdisciplinary research knowledge base to address authentic 21st century education issues.

New Ways of Learning

Ready or not, changes abound. Gone are the days when PhD study was a solitary affair. As schools, workplaces, and other social institutions increasingly require the use of Internet technologies to communicate, collaborate, and create, graduate programs should reflect these changes. We take pride in offering a variety of hybrid courses for students to have flexibility in studying and research.

Practical Applications

Students are encouraged to design and implement projects that serve their individual settings. In line with the mission of Fordham University, CLAIR students develop research skills while giving back to their communities. Students work closely with faculty to jointly conduct research which prepares them for dissertation research and beyond.

Sharing and Celebrating Research

CLAIR students participate in our annual Research Celebration where they share current research projects with the broader Fordham community and other interested attendees. Students from all cohorts attend, and all share their research experiences and welcome feedback to improve their research ideas and practices.




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