As we progress through the CLAIR program, it is expected we become experts on APA 6 formatting.  Practice makes perfect and knowledge is power! In addition to the APA Formatting Workshops provided by Fordham (dates TBA), here are some resources to help everyone expand their knowledge and adhere to APA 6 formatting in their writing:


Mastering APA Style Workbook: This is a hands-on guide to fully learning the APA style.  It contains a full training guide with quizzes and tests to help you master APA format.

Online Resources (Tutorials and Trainings):

APA Style Course: This is an online course that you have to pay for, but will provide you with 4 CE credits.  There are free resources as well on this website.

APA Tutorial, University of Southern Mississippi: This free tutorial and quiz site has a handy pre and posttest to help you monitor progress.

Ashford University Tutorial and Practice Quiz: This site contains detailed references and a practice quiz.

APA Tutorial and APA Quiz: These two sites go hand in hand and are free.


For future use: these resources can be found under the Resources tab on the main page.



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