Join AERA at Reduced Rate! 2017 AERA Doctoral Student Cohort Program Membership through December 31, 2017

  • Receive reduced member dues of $25 (compared to $55) from whenever you join in 2016 through December 31, 2017.
  • Select free membership in an AERA Division and additional Division memberships for just $5 each.
  • Join Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and note that the $7 SIG administration fee is waived for these first time AERA member doctoral students.
  • Receive complimentary subscriptions to Educational Researcher and one additional AERA journal of choice.
  • Subscribe to additional AERA journals at the special student rate of $10.
  • Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities through SIGs, Divisions, and the AERA Graduate Student community.
  • Receive the AERA Graduate Student Newsletter, Connections, published three times a year.
  • Attend AERA Annual Meeting with discounted AERA member graduate student rate.

Sign up here.

Sign-up Instructions and Information

You will need to create an account.

The Doctorate Program Code is 2017cohort.

Be sure to answer the question “Name of School that you attend:” and select the full name of your school, Fordham University, or you will receive a message indicating that your school is not participating in the Doctorate Student Cohort Program.)

Please use a credit card to pay your portion of the dues. Your total cost for membership is $25.

The deadline to sign up for a first-time AERA member is February 15, 2017.



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