CLAIR student Susan Chambre (currently in the dissertation phase of the program), is presenting qualitative data from her Capstone project which was successfully defended in Spring 2016.  These results will be shared at the Literacy Research Association’s 2016 annual conference in Nashville, TN (Nov 30- Dec. 3) titled “Effects of Print Referencing on Vocabulary Learning”.  She will be co-presenting with Dr. Linnea Ehri from the CUNY Graduate Center and Fordham’s own Dr. Molly Ness.
Susan’s research explores the effects of print referencing, explicitly drawing a student’s attention to print, on vocabulary learning. Based on previous work by Rosenthal & Ehri (2008) and Ricketts, Bishop, and Nation (2008), she conducted an experimental study with 45 1st graders using print referencing to teach novel vocabulary words. Although no statistically significant difference was found between explicit exposure and implicit exposure, implications about vocabulary learning and print exposure will be discussed.
Congratulations Susan!


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