Though it’s early in the academic season, many may be feeling the pressure and anticipating the long semester ahead.  We all know what awaits, but these social media kingpins have created a universe in which we can escape or find help!

Here are a few that can help you through!

Twitter humor at it’s finest, click through if you’ve had a bad day in the stacks.

@Academic Pain – Who doesn’t love an academic GIF?

@AcademiaObscura – Musings from academia, follow for the annual Academics with Cats competition

@TheLitCritGuy – Witty academic puns

Need help or guidance? Click on these links for stories from the trenches.  You can do it!

The Virtual Leader – Teaching expert provides tools and tricks

Tenure, She Wrote – Support provided by female academics

ALawUntoHerself – PhD Candidate’s take on the world

Cash for Questions: social science research funding, policy, and development – Funding 101

Janni Aragon’s blog – Tips and Book Reviews

The LSE Impact Blog – Reflections on everything from daily life to educational policy

@RealScientists – A scientific take

@Research_Voice – European spin on educational policy

PhD 101 – Enough said, a mini network of doctoral support groups.

The Early Career Blog – Tips

James Hayton PhD – Thesis writing without passing out

Get a Life, PhD – Advice and guests – help!

The Thesis Whisperer – Basically anything you need to know about the subject

And for those of you who like to be in the know, here’s the best of news and headlines rocking academia.  Enjoy!

Athene Donald’s blog – Women in the science

HE Watch

Critical Education – Focus on finance and student loans


University Ranking Watch

Emma Sabzalieva’s blog – Central Asian perspective on policy and education

Dr Education


Click here for the original article, the comments are actually pretty useful!



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