by Mahitot Arnold

Every semester the Research Celebration is held to recognize students’ scholarly endeavors and give students an opportunity to present their accomplishments. Doctoral students showcase their research to an audience of professors, fellow doctoral students and prospective doctoral students. I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Research Celebration for the last six semesters and appreciated its value each time.  

The celebration featured a variety of topics in contemporary learning, including but not limited to flipped learning and iPad and writing technologies. Among the presenters were all the cohorts of CLAIR students. It was a pleasure to see CLAIR cohort students presenting their research and showcasing all the progress they have made. Sean Adcroft, who is currently researching the Pomodoro effect, stated that he enjoys the research celebration because “it gives him an opportunity to connect with others and see what is happening across cohorts.” This celebration is a great networking event. To my surprise I met someone who was interested in the field I’m studying. You never know who you might encounter to help you along the way.

Students at all levels in their research should attend the Research Celebration. Whether you are starting off or presenting your dissertation there was something for you amongst the presentations. The presenters received feedback on their research and provided feedback to their peers. This format offers a great opportunity to interact with faculty and peers about your research. As Susan Chambre stated, “Attending the Research Celebration over the last three years has allowed me to get feedback on my research and also see that others may be experiencing the same struggles as me”.

As a doctoral student, we all know that conducting research presents many problems. Since research is an integral part of your scholarly work, having the opportunity to present in front of your peers can equip you with the skills to conduct research that has the potential add to and change the field you are in. The Research Celebration helps with the many of the research challenges you will face—from choosing a topic, to finding study participants, analyzing data, procrastination, to staying sane throughout the process, and every step in between.

I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to present and/or attend the Research Celebration.




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