IMG_7580Congratulations are in order to the CLAIR research teams who presented at the AERA conference from April 10-12, 2016. This multiple-cohort effort illustrates the commitment students and faculty have to conducting timely, relevant research in contemporary learning issues, and sharing it with a national audience.

Two separate sessions addressed the use of digital tools in elementary classrooms and their impact on student engagement and learning. The first session titled The Impact of Mobile Technology Integration on Elementary School Students’ Academic Engagement featured CLAIR students Susan Chambre, Jaymie Green, and Carmina Marcial on behalf of a multi-cohort team.  Sara Skluzacek and Jaymie Green presented a paper at the second session titled Integrating Mobile Technology Into Instruction in Elementary Classrooms: Impact on Student Engagement and Learning.  The team was lead by CLAIR faculty Dr. Kristen Turner and Dr. Akane Zusho.

These sessions were the product of ongoing CLAIR faculty and cohort collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research courses and research modules. Cohort 2 students collected the data while enrolled in Interdisciplinary Research in 2013-2014. While enrolled in research module courses in Spring and Summer 2015, students from cohorts 1, 2, and 3 collaborated to analyze the data.

In addition, Dr. Jane Bolgatz and CLAIR students Tamar Brown, Susan Chambre, and Enrique Figueroa led a roundtable discussion titled Institutional Factors Impacting Black Students’ Success at an Elite Private Elementary School. This collaborative work showcases a workgroup for faculty research.

Congratulations to these CLAIR students and faculty presenters!




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