students who want to apply for financial aid for the next academic year 2016-2017, MUST complete applications via the portal page under the GSE “Student Tab” by February 1.  

The GSE Financial Aid links can be found under “My Accounts.  

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For students who are pre-dissertation:

If you plan to attend full-time (9 credits per semester), you can apply for a GSE Assistantship.  Each assistantship is 100 hours.  Traditionally, these 100 hours are completed by working with a faculty member or in one of the offices at GSE.  Next year, there may be GA positions for 100 hour research projects that do not require office work time during the day.  If you are taking 9 credits per semester but have not accepted a GA position in the past because of your work schedule, you might want to consider applying because of these new opportunities.  GAs will be matched with faculty projects later this spring.

Students who are completing coursework (pre-dissertation) and qualify for financial aid may be eligible for a 25% scholarship on tuition in the fall and spring semesters.  You must complete a FAFSA by Monday, February 1.  GPA requirement for scholarships is 3.75.



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