Fordham IT now provides all Fordham faculty, students, and staff with free access to several research tools. For more information, read about each tool below.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool that enables users to easily design and implement surveys while also providing robust tools to evaluate results. More information on using Qualtrics is located under survey software here. You can login to Fordham’s Qualtrics environment directly at

Mathematica is a computational software program based on symbolic mathematics that can be used for research and interactive teaching experiences. Downloading instructions, tutorials, and video courses designed to teach new users how to take advantage of Mathematica are available here.

Fordham IT offers a variety of other software, including EndNote, a research management tool. Please visit the Fordham IT website for a complete list of supported software and where the applications can be used on campus.


One thought on “Fordham IT Provides Free Access to Research Tools

  1. Thanks for posting this Amanda. I’ll check out Qualtrics – I’m curious as to how it compares to survey monkey!


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