Spring 2016 registration begins today, November 2.  Please review the attached course offerings and make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to select the appropriate course sequence.  Courses on the list have been approved for CLAIR students.  Please do not attempt to register for a course not on this list without consulting Dr. Turner.

Here is a copy of the course tracking sheet that you should maintain in conjunction with your advisor.
Here is a tentative schedule of courses for the next two years to help in your planning.  Faculty are continuing to update this schedule, and it is subject to change.
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Dissertation Seminar
You must successfully pass your Capstone project and complete all coursework before registering for dissertation seminar.  Once enrolled, you must register each semester until you graduate.
The capstone is a three-semester experience conducted independently and supported by a mentor and committee.  Further support is offered in Advanced Seminar (I, II, III), and these should be taken the same semesters that you complete your capstone.  Approval from your advisor is required to enter Capstone.
Be sure to complete requirements for your specialization (12 credits).  Consult with your advisor to select the best courses to meet these requirements.
First Year Students
Dr. Turner will visit your research course to explain the process of matriculation, the identification of a specialization and academic mentor, and to provide group advising for the spring semester.  You may also make an individual appointment.
Please let Dr. Turner know if you have any questions.


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