CLAIR will be well-represented at AERA this year.  A cross-cohort group submitted two proposals, and both were accepted!

“The impact of mobile technology integration on elementary school students’ academic engagement” was accepted by  Division C – Learning and Instruction/Division C – Section 2b: Learning and Motivation in Social and Cultural Contexts.

“Integrating Mobile Technology into Instruction in Elementary Classrooms: Impact on Student Engagement and Learning” was accepted by the SIG-Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning.

These papers are particularly exciting for CLAIR because the data was collected in Interdisciplinary Research by cohort 2, and the research teams include members from each of the first three cohorts.  The methodology draws from both quantitative and qualitative paradigms, and the findings contribute in important ways to the literature.

If other CLAIR students plan to attend AERA, please let us know.


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